Robert David Peraza

In memory of Robert David Peraza

Rob-PRobert David Peraza, son of Roberto P. Peraza and Suzanne C. Peraza, was born 5-26-71 in Wilmington, Delaware. He grew up with a younger brother, Neil, and a younger sister, Joan. It was his good fortune to have his paternal grandmother living with the family. Rob was always very people oriented. He loved sports of every kind.

Rob graduated from High School in June of 1989 in Norwich, NY. He was a Rotary International foreign exchange student to South Africa the following school year.

He received an undergraduate degree in business and an MBA in Marketing from St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. Rob was an avid Rugby player and continued playing for the Alumni team after he graduated. He also played Rugby for a team in New York City.

Rob was in training to run the 2001 New York City Marathon, coached by his Uncle Steve Comber, an experience marathoner since his teens. At the time of his death, when terrorists attacked our country, September 11, 2001, he was working for Cantor Fitzgerald as a bonds trader. He was in love and planning to marry.

Rob is mourned and loved by his family and friends. He was a generous and caring person who loved sports and all that the world had to offer. While living in New York City he grew to really appreciate his Cuban heritage.